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Brock Osweiler Thinking That Peyton Manning Would Let Him Steal His Garbage Time Stats Against the Raider Is Laugh Out Loud Funny



Brock Osweiler must be new around here huh? Like did he really think that Peyton was gonna let him play against the Raiders in garbage time? Come on Brock be better than that. Everybody knows this is when Peyton Manning pays the bills. This is when Peyton Manning is at his best. This is when he gets all his endorsement deals and makes all his funny commercials. 40 pt blowouts vs. the Raiders is when he puts the sauce on his Papa Johns pizza. If Osweiler wanted to play last week vs. the Pats when Peyton was puking on himself he probably would have let him, but not in Garbage Time vs. the worst team in the NFL. That’s Peytons Time. Nobody steals his meaningless stats. Not on Peyton’s watch you don’t.