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Instagram Model Under Fire For Doing Photo Shoot In Empty Supermarket Aisle

You won't believe this, but the photo above is not going over well on Instagram right now. 

Let's give a background on Skye Wheatley first. She is one of the various Instagram models (they go by influencers kind of like strippers want you to call them dancers) from Australia. You know how they say Texas is a breeding ground of great football players? Well, the Gold Coast of Australia is a breeding ground of phenomenal Instagram models:

For some reason, in the middle of a global pandemic and on the day the entire country of Australia shut down, Skye went to an empty grocery store with her child for a photoshoot. The folks in the comments were NOT happy. 

SOURCE-One person commented underneath the photographs: 'Everything about this post is sick.'

Someone else viewing the set of photos added: 'This is actually appalling on many levels.' 

Another seemed worried about her young son, writing: 'So you take a baby out when there's a virus going around that's potentially harmful to him?'  

Skye went on to edit her caption, which now reads:

please be kind to one another, please send love not hate, please focus on the positives and be aware of the negatives but shift your energy to the light not the darkness.

Instagram model? More like modern day Plato. Thank you, Skye!!!!!!!! Shift your energy to the light NOT the darkness! Just texted my family group chat this. 

I honestly recommend googling the law of attraction guys it’s really helped me through some pretty dark times.

Unreal. She threw in law of attraction in there. You couldn't have scripted this better.