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This 11 Year Old Japanese Kid Might Be The Best Hockey Player I've Ever Seen In My Life




There’s a chance that this kid has better hands than Datsyuk. I don’t mean in 10 years, I mean right now. That was some truly amazing shit right there. Reminded me of a young me only this kid can also shoot, pass and skate. I’m really a little bit in shock. Usually I’m pretty underwhelmed by these child prodigy videos but I watched that entire thing, shaking my head the whole time. A kid who can’t get boners shouldn’t have hand-eye coordination like that. It’s not natural. Just a shame he has to do it all himself, if his fucking linemates could bury he’d probably be putting up 100 point seasons.



PS – For reference, here’s a clip of Seguin at the same age. Give me Iguchi Aito over Seguin every day of the week. If the Bs want to start tanking for him right now I’d be OK with it. 7 year plan baby, let’s do this.

h/t Kevin