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Quarantine Chronicles: Rogers Park Residents Sing Bon Jovi's "Livin' On A Prayer" Together Out Of Their Windows

WGN - Inspired by videos of Italians singing from their balconies during the COVID-19 lockdown, a group of Rogers Park neighbors sang some Bon Jovi together.

Last week, the event was posted to Facebook and it generated a lot of interest.

“I think we all need to be coming together,”a neighbor said. "I feel energized right now, feel good and feel like I can make it through another day of this."

The movement got the attention of Bon Jovi himself.

Jesus Christ, Rogers Park, have a little confidence for me, would ya?  I mean Livin' On a Prayer? That's the quarantine song you picked to sing on balconies in a cringeworthy Italy impersonation??? Fuck outta here.  The whole song is about a couple's feelings of hopelessness because of their shitbag lives.  Not exactly inspirational or uplifting in a time when we need to be inspired and uplifted.  

That said, if you're gonna go that route and be all doom and gloom, you might as go the whole miles and sing one of these jams to really prove a point:

Just suck the life out of everyone as much as possible.  Now if it were me, I would have gone with this:

Kills two birds with one stone: inspires people to get through this shitty time while reminding everyone that the White Sox are still, in fact, eventually going to run a train on baseball.  Boom, done.  

Now is it cool that Jon Bon Jovi himself chimed in on it?

Idk I guess?  I mean the clip WGN showed was beyond cringeworthy.  It's the most cringeworthy news performance Chicago has seen since that one asshole White Sox reporter was chewing gum on live tv.  

Look, our government is doing everything and more to beat this thing so we can have baseball back.  That's all that is important right now, is getting as many baseball games in this summer as we can.  I get that there's a feeling of despair in the air and know that the world sucks without baseball at the moment, but if a bunch of coal lunged idiots could beat the Spanish Flew in 1918 I'm pretty sure we can do so in 2020.  

PS it still blows my mind that for the first time in a decade the White Sox are going to be competitive and there is a goddamn global pandemic that's threatening their season.  Just un-fucking-believable to me.  White Sox fans just cannot have nice things.