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SNL's "Swiftamine" Skit, For Adults Who Like Taylor Swift, Knocked It Out Of The Park




That was perfect. Pretty much everything I’ve ever wanted to say about Taylor Swift only written by way funnier and smarter people than myself. Every time I post about T all I get is a hate-fueled response. Everyone tells me I’m gay and to go fuck myself and blah blah blah. But guess what? Deep down, in places you don’t talk about at parties, I know you love her. I know you can’t stop, won’t stop moving when the beat drops. That’s why I’m willing to take the lumps and be the martyr. It’s always been that way. I was the kid on the elementary school bus getting in fights because I refused to say NSYNC and Backstreet Boys sucked. I knew they put out bangers and time has proven me right. Looks like Father Time is finally taking side with adults who like Taylor Swift too. If you think I’m wrong then please explain why “I fucking love Taylor Swift” is without a doubt the most common #barstoolconfession as of late. But don’t bother giving me any Swiftamine, I don’t need it. My brain has accepted this reality for a decade now.