Thoughts And Prayers: 40-Year Old Mom Turned TikTok Star Has To Prove To Her Fans She's Not In Her Twenties

Folks, just a story to share here about fighting through fake news and lies. Not all of us can understand fans. Not all of us can understand the pains of trying to explain your real age. Not everyone can be Claire Barratt, a 40-year old mom of six (6!!!) from England. This is Claire: 

Now don't get me wrong. Claire is hot. This is especially true when you remember she's a 40-year old mom of 6. But uh people are confusing her to be in her 20s? As someone who has never really been mistaken for my age, I guess I can't comprehend. I've never had to explain to people I was in my 30s. 

By the way, this is the smoothest pick up line I've seen in ages (h/t The Sun):

Meanwhile, a third gushed: "I mean if you're 45 then you look 23 compared to my mum who's 43."

Love that. Just insulting your mom and throwing her under the bus to compliment Claire here. Not the method I'd take, but nonetheless I believe this is a shooter's shoot situation? Not sure how it works over there in England. Just please stop calling Claire in her 20s. She wants to be known as a 40-year old mom. Tough times out there.