Wake Up With Manny Ramirez Thinking His First Career Hit Was A Homer....It Wasn't

We should have known that Manny Ramirez was going to have a wild career after seeing his first hit. Ramirez was a young stud in the Indians farm system, came up and made had the chance to have his first MLB hit in the Bronx vs the Yankees. He unleashes that vicious swing that we were so used to seeing and drove a ball deep to left. As any ballplayer should, he puts his head down and hauls ass. Ramirez looks up, doesn't see the ball as he gets to second, so his natural reactions says that he just hit a homer for his first career MLB hit. Unreal, what a great accomplishment. Very rarely does this happen, and he's one of the guys to do it. There was just one problem. The ball bounced on the warning track and into the seats for a ground rule double. He's almost to third and the Indians dugout is HOWLING. They're giving the rookie all types of shit. The crowd starts booing him, the announcers are giving his shit, he has to stop before stepping on third and take the long walk back to second. I mean he did rope the ball, and he shouldn't have been watching where it went. I think this is more on the first base coach. Talk to him, let him know it's bouncing or it's over the fence. He was hauling ass out of the box, but by the time he steps on first, the balls in the stands. Hey coach, how about letting him know? Regardless, it's classic "Manny Being Manny" for his first MLB hit. This wouldn't even make the top 50 strangest things we would see in his career either. 

PS. Put Manny in Cooperstown, you cowards.