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Brady Won the Internet Again Today

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 1.42.32 PM

Dammit, Tom Brady’s just not playing fair on his Facebook feed!  Just dominating social media every day, and refusing to take his foot off the gas, even on Halloween.  Facebook at Halloween is supposed to be for moms to post pictures of their kids and hot chicks to post selfies of their slutty costumes.  But how is anyone supposed to compete for attention when he’s throwing out his lion costume from 1991?  By my math, he was 14 on Halloween that year.  Now that’s an age where most boys quit dressing up and take up other traditions like throwing eggs and TP-ing the trees at some nerd’s house.  But this is what separates the truly greats from the likes of me and you.  I shudder to think about how many upperclass girls tore off their Pirate Wench and Naughty Nurse costumes at the sight of this.  And bringing it back in 2014 is just thowing his awesomeness in the world’s social media face.  I mean, he  already had a huge lead but this is just running up the score.

It’s no coincidence TB12 chose this week to post this.  Because you and I look at this picture and see future greatness.  But he knows the Broncos look at it and see this: