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The Yankees Need To Sign Amy Cole Right Now

Here are some quick facts about Gerrit Cole's beautiful wife Amy. Her brother is two time World Series champion and three time gold glove Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford. Her husband is all world flame thrower Gerrit Cole. She's a former division 1 softball player from UCLA. 

Oh she's currently pregnant with a due date in June. And she can throw a baseball better than you. Amy is most definitely going to keep Gerrit loose during this quarantine with some throwing programs. Long toss, bullpens, PFP, etc. Amy is going to make sure Gerrit is at the top of his game while there's no baseball going on. Players are going to come back from this lay off all out of sorts, but not Gerrit. Amy Cole is pretty much on the Yankees staff as far as I'm concerned. Might as well make it official and sign her now. 

In the middle of writing this I realized this is probably the closest I'll get to writing about a current baseball story for the foreseeable future. Gerrit Cole and his beautiful wife Amy throwing to each other in their back yard. God help me. Someone find a cure. Please keep staying inside. I'm losing my goddamn mind with every second that passes. 

By the way I did say she was beautiful right?