You Think This Sugar Glider Gives A Fuck About Coronavirus? Not When He’s Got Delicious Worms

I’d do just about anything to see 8 sugar gliders roll up into a sugar glider bar together and look at the bartender and say, “Ralph. Give me a pint glass full of worms. Me and my pals got laid off today so it might be the last time we have some extra change in our pockets.”

“You’re kiddin me right, Ricky? Not yous too. This fuckin virus. It’s worse than the flu.”

“Wish it weren’t true, Ralphie. Things are slowing up at the old dick sucking factory. No dicks left to be sucked. Your mom sucked em all.” 

Everyone in the place laughed. Ricky and his coworkers weren’t laid off. They work for a telecommunications company and business is booming. Poor Ralph, though. Talk about having egg on your face. What a fucking idiot.