Tom Brady Officially Had The Weirdest Halloween Costume Of All Time As A Kid




There he is.  Arguably the greatest QB who has ever lived.  A guy impregnates chicks by just looking at them.   Seriously what in the fuck is that?  I’ve tried to explain it in my mind 10 times and can’t figure it out.  I thought he was a cowgirl at first, but what is going on with his legs?  Is that part of the costume?   And what is that white thing on his shoulder?  Why is he wearing a blouse?  Are those welders gloves? It also looks like he’s wearing a soccer shin pad.  What the hell is going on around here?   The only guy who can probably explain this is Lady Feitleberg.  I’m sure he dressed in something similar as a kid.

PS – Who is the geek with the glasses?


Click here for the rest of Pats players Halloween Costumes.  Most of them are normal.  None of this Nancy shit Tom pulled off here.  Letting his Metrosexual/gayball out to play at an early age.