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Now Playing: Full Game Of West Virginia Beating Wake Forest In 2005 Round of 32 Starting The Legend Of Kevin Pittsnogle

We're trying to get through it. Some may not want to watch hoops on a day like today, but I refuse to do that. Every day that we should have NCAA Tournament games, I'll find a full video of a game to put on. First round games will get past first round games, Sweet 16, etc. Hell, I might do more than one per day just to scratch the itch.

Okay, maybe it didn't start the legend that is Kevin Pittsnogle, because the real legend here was Mike Gansey and the baggy tee-shirt under the jersey. Just an all-time mid-2000s look. That said, I LOVED this Wake Forest team. I'm sure I said it before, but my old man went to Wake so I grew up in a Wake household. I grew up watching Rodney Rodgers, Randolph Childress and Tim Duncan. Outside of that 94-95 team, there wasn't a more enjoyable Wake team to watch than this group. They were loaded. Chris Paul obviously the star, but big time college players too in Eric Williams, Taron Downey, Jamaal Levy and Justin Gray. 

I still can't believe West Virginia came back. Wake was up 13 at half. They were a popular pick to win the title that year. Instead Mike Gansey dropped 29 while playing back home in Cleveland. You had Taron Downey hitting the three to go to OT after Gansey missed a free throw. You had guys fouling out. You had Kevin Pittsnogle becoming a household name despite not really having a good game. The fact is without that run to the Elite 8 people aren't paying attention to a young Pittsnogle.