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T-Pain Acoustic Is About A Billion Times Better Than You'd Expect





For like 10 years now I’ve had a deep, dark secret. Something I was scared to tell anybody, even on Barstool Confessions. Well now I feel perfectly fine admitting it… I LOVE T-Pain. LOVE him. He’s like Pitbull, everyone laughs at him while he just keeps putting out hits. But, I was scared to admit it because all he does is use that auto-tune nonsense and if I said I like him I’d get thrown in the Scumbag Taste Club. Not anymore! Dude has the voice of a damn angel. That was some smooth, old school Brian McKnight shit. Singing on NPR to white folks in coffee shops, flashing raw talent around and shit. Outstanding performance. That “I’m In Luv With A Stripper” acoustic joint was an absolute 10. Probably took a barista out back and slammed it out in the alley while pouring herbal teas all over themselves.



That’s why they call him TEDDY BEND HER ASS DOWWWWWWNNNNNN!!!