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Have We Talked About The NY Ebola Guy's Profile Picture Yet?




I don’t know if this was talked about yet, but I just had to do a quick blog about the NY Ebola dude.   I fucking hate this guy.  Worst profile shot ever.    Just makes me hate his guts.  I mean no wonder he caught Ebola in Africa.  Look at his smug ass face!   If I was Ebola I’d attack his ass too.  Why are you so close to the camera dude?  Why are you using a glamour shot on your Linkedin? Why is it black and white?   I hate you.   Also is Ebola officially dead?   I feel like it is.  Such a joke disease.   What did 1 guy die and he caught it in Africa and didn’t tell anybody till he was basically dead?  I’ve never been more right about anything in my life than what a fraud Ebola is.