Just to be clear, Adam, you killed a guy on Twitter in cold blood. I had no clue Schefty had that in him. I thought he was programmed to do nothing but grind away on his gaggle of iPhones and drop Adam Bombs on the NFL world. However if we paid attention, there may have been clues that Schefter had a dark, dare I say murderous, side to him.

I'm not saying NFL Insiders have to be besties during the most competitive time of the year to break news and sing kumbaya. But can't we all just get along as the entire country enters lockdown mode? Maybe just let Mike Klis convince Broncos fans they beat the Bills in the Melvin Gordon negotiations? Nobody likes paying running backs anyway these days and Bills fans are probably still drunk and covered in table parts from the Stefon Diggs trade. No need to be a lowdown ruthless vato, Schefter. It's simply not the time for it. I don't think my guy Ian Rapaport would do something like that to a fellow checkmark on a casual Friday night. Dude got fired by Portnoy for a job he didn't even had and he responded with style and grace.

However, as we enter a time where the entire country's eyes are locked on the internet for every waking minute during this unofficial shutdown, not only is the timeliness of the report important, but so is the accuracy. Never has this quote resonated more to the NFL breaking news beat than it does right now.