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DraftKings Is Kicking Off The NBA Season By Giving $100,000 To One Fantasy Winner, $400,000 In Total Prizes

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“Happy basketball season, here’s more money that Feitelberg has made in his entire life!”

– DraftKings


My grandfather always told me “bet on yourself.” Pretty sure he made that phrase up, it’s good advice. But putting down $27 with the chance to turn it into $100,000 is the biggest no brainer “bet on yourself” move in history. Choose the right team then get rich. It’s that easy.



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Contest Details:
-$400K NBA Crossover Fantasy Basketball Contest
-$400,000 in total prizes, $100,000 First Place Prize
-Top 3475 places paid out, just $27 to enter
-Win $100,000 on the second day of NBA season