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JJ Watt Did A "Selfie" Celebration After Sacking Zach Mettenberger To Remind Him That This Isn't High School, It's The NFL


(Source) “It was one of those things where their quarterback had posted a few ‘selfies’ this week, including one before the game,” Watt said. “It is kind of a reminder that this is the National Football League, not high school. Welcome to the show.”



Great message from JJ Watt. This is the big leagues, kid. No one cares about your long hair, your mustache, or your short hair after a cut in the NFL. This is the big leagues. This is where you put up or shut up. Funny gimmicks don’t work around these parts. Have to eat, sleep and breathe football or else you’re going to go out there and get embarrassed.


*JJ Watt drops mic, throws on letterman jacket, boards plane to team’s ‘Homecoming’ themed game, loses by 31 points to the Pats*


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