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UGA Asked for a Better Atmosphere in College Football, So Here Are 10

SEC Network re-aired the Georgia—Notre Dame game from this past season today. The Bulldogs squeaked out a win, but it may be most remembered as the game in which UGA unveiled its latest million-dollar recruiting tactic: the light show.

It was cool. It's fine. But every school in the SEC except Vanderbilt will have those lights installed in time for the opening kickoff of 2020. Red lights do not a great college football atmosphere make.

Brandon Walker and I disagree about college football almost all the time, but one of the things we agree upon is that Sanford Stadium is a comically quiet gathering of 90,000 people. I don't know that it even cracks the top half of atmospheres in the SEC, including when Georgia has been a College Football Playoff contender the last few years.

So here is a list of much better atmospheres across college football:

— Tennessee


— Texas A&M

— Clemson

— Penn State

— Alabama

(But please do not forget "Dixieland Delight" is a song about Tennessee.)

— Ohio State

— South Carolina

— Virginia Tech

— Wisconsin

We could keep going all day, but it's apparent at this point that there are, in fact, better atmospheres in college football than the University of Georgia. What I will give UGA is that its fans are passionate. It just doesn't translate into a top-tier stadium atmosphere or any worthwhile results on the football field despite an embarrassment of recruiting riches.

Can we all at least agree that we need to start praying COVID-19 doesn't take this beautiful sport from us? We can't lose college football.