In Case There Was Any Confusion, Kevin Hayes Is The Best One And Don't You Ever Forget It. BUY A SHIRT

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Kevin Patrick Hayes. He's the Best Of All Time. The man made his way to Philadelphia, got paaaiiiiddddd, and was in the middle of making a mockery out of the entire National Hockey League. I'm not going to say that anybody is happy with the current situation our society is in right now but if anybody is benefiting from hockey being put on pause, it's goaltenders all around the NHL. At least they're getting a break from getting bullied by The Best One now. 

Unfortunately, however, not everybody is enjoying their break from Kevin Hayes. It's been hitting Gritty particularly hard. 

Poor guy just wants to be hanging out with his best buddy again but credit to Gritty for not breaking quarantine. And if he can't hang out with his best pal, the next best option is to wear him on his t-shirt. So be like Gritty and buy a shirt right here.