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Anybody Who Thinks The Royals Are Going To Win the World Series Is A Moron



I feel like everybody I talk to is picking the Royals to win the World Series. DUMB. There is no chance the Giants don’t win this thing. No chance. Why? Because the Giants are motherfuckers that’s why. This is a championship baseball team. They have championship pedigree. They find ways to win close games. They get the big hit when they need it. When they have an opportunity they take it. Not to mention the fact they have the only true lockdown pitcher in the series. Bumgarner vs. Big Game James is like starting the series 1-0 for SF. Yeah I know how good the Royals pen is, but I’m telling you the Giants just don’t lose. Ned Yost is also bound to cost the Royals at least 1 game this series. I just feel like people picking the Royals don’t understand baseball. Momentum doesn’t carry over from series to series. Ask the 07 Rockies about that. The Giants have proven themselves on the big stage time and time again. Don’t get me wrong I like KC and think it’s great story, but I have a brain. I have no idea how long this series goes but there is just no way SF doesn’t win in the end.