Wake Up With Mike Trout Making And One Of The Best Catches You'll Ever See

I'm legit obsessed with this catch, everything about it is awesome. The fact that Mike Trout is so athletic that he can take ONE look back at the wall when he's like 25 feet from it, time it perfectly, jump 5 feet in the air and snag J.J. Hardy's ball before slamming directly into the wall is insane. Easily one of the most impressive catches you'll ever see, and you want to know something crazy? It may not even be the best catch from an Angels center fielder ever. The fact that he tops it off with the snowcone, while starring back into the crowd makes the catch 10 times better. Full extension, leaping catch, to right center field with the snow cone, nothing better. If I was Mr. Trout I'd make sure to have this picture framed on every level of my house. We are lucky to be able to watch Mike Trout do this on a daily basis during MOST years. Can't wait till we get to see him back on the field. 

PS. If he retires today, he's a first ballot Hall Of Famer, right?