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Hannah B And Tyler C Just Flipped The Switch

Another day another Tik Tok from the Quarantine Crew. This time around they did the Drake/flip the switch Tik Tok with fantastic results. As each day passes it becomes clearer and clearer that Hannah B and Tyler C are gonna be a thing going forward and, as I've said before, I'm happy about it. I hope we continue to get daily Tik Toks from the Quarantine Crew and further proof that Hannah B and Tyler C are here to stay.

By the way I can't imagine how awesome it must be to bet in great shape like every person in that Tik Tok but especially Tyler C. That dude is JACKED. That flip the switch Tik Tok is basically just a way to be like, "LOL look at us switching clothes but also check out how insanely in shape all of us are." I very much respect it. If you put in the work in the gym, you can show it off on the newest social media platform. On the other hand if I did that particular Tik Tok it would look like I was hiding a whiskey barrel in my stomach. I really gotta figure something out during this coronavirus quarantine because otherwise I'm gonna come out the other side of it weighing in at a cool 350 pounds.