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Lululemon's Buffalo Store Decorations Are All About How Buffalo Sucks

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BUFFALO, N.Y.- After sparking an internet outrage Tuesday night, the Lululemon store at the Walden Galleria has put a rug over a mosaic about two of the most infamous moments in Buffalo sports history. Lululemon has said the mosaic was intended to celebrate the pride and passion of Buffalo sports fans. Most Buffalonians however saw it as a reminder of two moments they’d rather forget. A new mosaic will go in place of the old one, this time with more input from the community.




Hey, Buffalo, you want cool shit all over you Lulu stores about winning Super Bowls and Stanley Cups? Is that something that would make you happy? How about you fucking win one then, hm? Lululemon is an athletic apparel store. They’re decorating their store with famous athletic achievements. It’s not their fault that Buffalo is known for ineptitude and failure. Not their fault that when people think “Buffalo sports” they think sadness. If you want something different, then change the story. Honestly, what the fuck else could the mural possibly be about other than Norwood choking and Hull owning you? There’s nothing else memorable that Buffalo has done in sports. Sorry if the truth hurts, guys.



PS – If I remember correctly, Lulu said they only want hot people wearing their clothes, right? BUT HOW WILL ALL THE HOT CHICKS IN BUFFALO GET THEIR YOGA GEAR IF THEY’RE BOYCOTTING THE WALDEN GALLERIA?!