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Michael Irvin With One Of The Best Coronavirus Takes You Will Ever See

A freaking Men! Look, maybe some people can separate a virus from a beer, not everyone. Not everyone wants to hear about how "a Corona gets it's lime while the Coronavirus is getting lives". They are too close in common. You see, since they share the same word, the beer and the virus, even thinking about drinking the beer triggers Michael Irvin to end. Get those commercials the hell off his TV. 

And he raises a good point about other products as well. Can we really be seeing commercials for Coke while people are out there dying of coke? Can we really be giving old folks hearing aids while people are dying of AIDS? Can we really be calling non-alcoholic drinks "virgin" when some bloggers out there are virgins? My culture is not your drink, pal.

So thank you Michael Irvin for being so brave. And Corona (the beer) do the right thing and be gone. Sure we'd prefer to get rid of the corona virus, but getting rid of the Corona beer will have to do instead. Hat tip to Michael for getting out ahead of this one. Respect.