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Sitting Down Swag On A Hundred Trillion Billion


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I work down in the Financial District and for the last couple of weeks I’ve noticed the absurd sitting style of the man in the attached photo. Today, I was finally able to capture the unorthodox technique on camera. Is this not the most ridiculous way of sitting on a bench, especially if you’re rocking a fupa? Maybe I am just narrow-minded and this bro is ahead of the curve when it comes to sitting in 2014. Anyway, I would love to hear your thoughts on this seemingly extremely uncomfortable sitting style.

Long time stoolie,



First of all KFC isn’t here.  He’s out gallivanting in Italy while Trent has basically renamed Manhattan Cedar Rapids..    So I’ll handle this one.  If you can sit like this it’s a no brainer.  Look at the bench to his right.  There are two people on the bench.   Nobody wants to sit next to strangers.   Doesn’t matter if it’s on a train, plane or park bench.  Solo seats are the best.  So just throw your leg up there and side straddle that shit and you own it.  Might as well be lifting his leg and pissing on it like a dog.   My bench.   Stay away.