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Holy Shit, Are The Birds About To Make Two of the Leagues Biggest Off-Season Acquisitions in The Same Day?

Howie you sick son of a bitch, if you pull off this deal for Yannick Ngakoue you will be forever in our debts. All of this Yannick news started this morning when it was reported that the Birds are seriously interested in making a deal for the market's best pass rusher.

Then Yannick put this on his Instagram story.

Now Yannick just got franchise tagged by the Jags so technically him wanting to come to the Eagles doesn't mean dick. However, he has publicly voiced his desire to be traded from Jacksonville and given the one year nature of his deal, it is a good sign to see that it looks like he would be willing to sign an extension with the Birds given the opportunity, and god damnit would I love to see him in green for multiple years. 

He is 24 years old and already has 37.5 sacks in the NFL. I don't even get how that is possible. It's going to take up a ton to get him but I don't give a shit. Imagine this defensive line. Give me all the boners.

God Howie, please make this happen.