I'm ALL IN On The NBA Changing Its Calendar So The Season Starts On Christmas Day

Adam Silver spoke at length last night really for the first time since the NBA was put on hiatus. I talked about his idea of creating a charity All-Star Game, which, yeah that's the number 1 thing I want to watch right now. But this was sort of lost in a way during the conversation and then saw SVP bring it up late night on his show. Silver has explored the idea before all of this even broke, about changing the NBA calendar so it starts on Christmas Day. 

Uh, yes. Give me that. I don't know all the details of it in terms of how that would impact college hoops with when the Draft would take place and guys declaring, but if baseball can figure out a Draft during the season, so can the NBA. If college hoops isn't impacted by this then sign me up right this instant. 

But it really would be the perfect timing. NFL and college football DOMINATE the fall. You have the World Series which just is such a big name too. Move it to Christmas Day? Well, NBA already owns Christmas Day. It's one of the smartest things they did. Move the day from 5 games to 7 for the season opener and just really have that be a true opening day. Then you just have some bowl games and NFL playoffs to deal with for the start of your season. After that? You can dominate from April to July. 

But if you're giving me hoops to watch in the middle of the summer when the Orioles are likely already eliminated from playoff contention I'll take it any day of the week. I do feel like the NBA will adjust its calendar at some point, I just don't know if it'll get as drastic as starting on Christmas Day. That said, this is something that Silver has explored for years. 

Fuck, I miss basketball.