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Manny Pacquiao Is A Basketball Player Now And The Dude Can BALL (JK He's Horribly Horrible)



That entire video is laugh out loud funny. Pacquiao out there balling in the Phillipino Basketball League with the same handles as me. Literally the exact same. I too like to think that I can dribble so I try all that between the legs and behind the back shit only it takes 5 full seconds for me to pull it off and the defender takes it with ease then goes on a fast break the other way. Life must be awesome to be that rich. Pac just does whatever he wants. Become a singer, basketball player/coach, latex salesman, marine biologist, anything. Just get rich as fuck and have a ton of yes men encouraging you at all time. Yeah Manny, you sound just like that chick in Frozen! Record that track bro! And you know what? I noticed your game was very comparable to Steve Nash in his prime, you should call a pro basketball team and tell them to make you point guard! You’re the best, Manny.





PS – This tweet also happened about at the same time I saw this video. Guess no one told Mayweather Sr that Pacman is a basketball star now?


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