The NFL Did Something Good: Game Pass Is Free to Everyone

The NFL did something good!

This is actually great. There are so many games that immediately came to mind I can't wait to watch. The New Orleans-Seattle BeastQuake game, Rams-Chiefs 54-54 on Monday Night Football, Green Bay-Seattle 2014 NFC Championship. This will be great.

Game Pass will be free to everyone in the United States through May 31 and includes every NFL game since 2009 with broadcast and all-22 footage and also includes old seasons of Hard Knocks, so I can re-watch Keith Armstrong telling a special teams player how he wasn't good enough to be an asshole. What a treat.

I'm glad to see different brands and leagues stepping up to help out the common man as everyone is holed up in their houses with no sports on television. It's a well-crafted version of hell, but at least the NFL did something right for once and we can all watch our favorite football games from the past decade.

Well at least we now have football. We'll all get through this together. Y'all stay safe out there and remember to watch the Falcons-Packers 2016 NFC Championship Game, which I believe was the final game of that season.