This Patriots "Thank You" Video Demeans Us All



It’s hardly like me to criticize the Krafts for anything, but putting this video together is just such a John Henry/Dr. Charles Steinberg move I can’t stand by and say nothing.  Thanking the fans for making noise?  Seriously?  After what?  13 years of dominance?  Of getting treated to the Holy Trinity of the Best Owner, Best Coach and Best Quarterback ever?  For SIX 8-0 seasons at home since Gillette opened?  Or home winning streaks of 18 and 20 games?  For watching Tom Brady will the team back after one of the worst games and worst off-the-field weeks in decades?  After all that the fans get a thank you video for making it loud for once?  Look, no one has been more critical of the Real Housewives of Foxboro than I have.  And I 100% agree they stepped up Sunday Night and it was one of their finest hours.  But this smacks of taking your stupid kid out for ice cream because he got a B+ on a test.  Or giving the fat kid you have to stick out in right field a high five because he actually got a bat on the ball for once.  You’re basically saying “You usually suck but today you weren’t so bad.”  I get the team has the best of intentions here, but to use Belichick’s words, with all due respect, I mean really?  The Patriots and the Gillette crowd have to be better than this.


PS. Like I said, I’m not used to ripping the Pats.  It’s going to be like when you haven’t skied in a while; I’m going to be sore in weird places later on.  @JerryThornton1