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Michigan State AD Calls All Spartan Fans An Embarrassment To College Football For Their Lack Of Student Support





Well this is embarrassing huh? Michigan probably had more people at the Fire our AD rally than Michigan State had at their game vs. Nebraska. Also this story just reinforces why Michigan will always be Michigan and MSU will always be little brother. Because I don’t care what the records say right now. I don’t care that MSU will probably beat us by 100 when we play them. MSU fans don’t care about football.. They don’t care about sports. They have no tradition. They have no sense of pride. They have no honor. Michigan matters even when we stink. We still pack the Big House. The fact we still have more fans at our games when we’re getting whooped on by Minnesota than MSU does against Nebraska is hilarious. I’m telling you once Brady Hoke figures out how to put on a head set it’s gonna be lights out Sparty and law and order will be restored.