Now The Bears Want To Trade For Cam Newton

According to Jonathan Jones of, the Panthers have discussed a possible trade of quarterback Cam Newton to the Bears.

The obvious hurdle is the fact the Bears team doctors can’t give Newton a physical right now, per league directive.

If they were willing to trust an independent doctor, and Newton has recovered from shoulder and foot problems, they’d have a relative bargain at $18.6 million for the year, and an obvious upgrade over Mitchell Trubisky.

Are you a quarterback? Is your name anything besides "Mitch Trubisky"? If you answered yes to both of those questions then the Bears want to talk to you. So far this off-season the Bears have been linked to literally every available QB with a pulse. They already missed out on Bridgewater. They talked about trading for Foles. They've been linked to Dalton. They allegedly made a late call to Tom Brady. It is getting ridiculous and now...Cam Newton is added to the list. 

The craziest thing to me is that the Bears are going to try to trade for a quarterback. Cam Newton is like almost 100% getting released. The Panthers signed Bridgewater. There's no spot for him. I get the sense that the trade market for Cam is probably one team and it is the Chicago Bears who are about to bid against themselves for a guy they could get for nothing if they just stay patient. That is not the Chicago Bears way though. There are only a few teams in the market for a QB at this point when you consider the teams who will be taking a QB at the top of the draft. The Bears can just sit around and wait for the dust to settle and snag one of Dalton, Foles, Newton, Jameis, etc because there is NO way the Bears can look at one of those guys and think "oh my god he is absolutely positively our perfect option and he can take us back to Super Bowl contention". They're all about the same at this point. They're all...ehhhhh maybe. An upgrade over Mitch, more exciting than when the Bears signed Glennon and his girafe neck having ass. Ryan Pace just loves giving away picks when he doesn't have to. It's his favorite thing in the world. 

I think of the list of guys presented, somehow someway a guy who threw 30 interceptions and a guy who played two games last year 

You all seem to want Cam. I think gun to my head I agree. He's never going to be 2015 Superman Cam, but he's still electric when he's right.