The Des Moines Register Bringing Us The Hard-Hitting Angles On This Illegal UI Raffle Story We Need

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Des Moines Register- The university had announced that it would give away a free year of tuition to five students chosen from those who spent up to $175 on season tickets to football games. The potential legal problems include that state law says raffle tickets sold for charities may only be bought with cash, not credit cards, regulators said. Also, not all season-ticket packages cost the same, which could violate a uniform-price rule for raffles. The university suspended the promotion Wednesday evening, drawing groans from some Hawkeye fans. On Twitter, fans questioned how far the regulators could push their no-fun attitude. If the free-tuition drawing must be regulated as a raffle, they asked, wouldn’t the same rules apply to any giveaway inside a sporting event? After all, to have a chance at snagging those prizes, people have to buy tickets to the game. Hence the hot-dog-gun conundrum. David Werning, spokesman for the Department of Inspections and Appeals, said agency experts considered the issue and decided that a hot-dog gun is not a raffle. The airborne snacks are incidental to people’s decision to attend a game, he said. “You’re not buying a ticket just for the chance to catch a hot dog,” he said. Such promotions “are just basically to keep the crowd happy.”

Oh okay.  So we’re all just gonna lose our god damn minds over this ticket raffle thing and start talking about hot dog guns in the same breath as free tuition and season tickets to Iowa football.  Got it.  Listen, I’m just as annoyed with the suspension of the raffle as everybody else.  I thought it was a pretty good idea to try and make sure the student section at Kinnick was filled to the brim for every home game.  The university makes money, Kinnick gets a rowdy student section, five kids get free tuition for a year and everybody wins.  Awesome.  Seems simple enough.  I want that to happen too so in a weird way I’m on the same side as the hot dog people.  But if the University of Iowa wanted to do it they should’ve made sure it was legal first instead of running to the media and making a big show of it.  The Inspections and Appeals people look like the bad guys here because the law sucks but only because Gary Barta didn’t use his brain and get clearance first.  And this hot dog thing?  Come the fuck on.  Again, I’m on the side of “I want the raffle to happen” but this side needs to come up with a better comparison and arguing point than free tuition and hot dog guns.  Hot takes like you read about.