If Matisse Thybulle's TikTok Is Any Indication, He Was Born For The Self-Quarantine Life

I can't tell if Matisse Thybulle is slowly losing his mind, thoroughly enjoying this, or some sort of combination of the both. All I know is that ever since the NBA season shutdown, our sweet prince has been putting an absolute beatdown on the TikTok world. Never once since the creation of TikTok have I ever considered getting an account but now that Matisse is putting on elite performance after elite performance? I think our son has won me over. 

This poor kid. All he wants to do is get out there and ball again. All he wants to do is be a reckless thief. What is life if he can't be out there loading up those steals and blocks columns? I guess life is just going full uniform in your apartment and shaking the shit out of your dining room furniture. Hope those chairs have health insurance because ankle replacement surgery ain't cheap. 

P.S. - BRO SWEET!!!!

I'm just slightly nervous that Matisse is getting better at TikTok than basketball. Last thing I need for this NBA postponement to cause is for Matisse to demand a trade to one of the LA teams so he can live in one of those TikTok houses. 

P.P.S. - Hall of Fame jam.