Russian Soldier Can't Stop Posting Selfies On Instagram And He Might've Screwed Over Putin Because Of It

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Daily Mail- Pictures which claim to be from a selfie-obsessed Russian soldier appear to reveal that he was inside Ukraine – suggesting Moscow has sent troops across the border.   Alexander Sotkin, who says he is a communications specialist on social media, has been posting selfies to his Instagram page showing him operating military equipment.  Several of the pictures, which were uploaded to Instagram appear to show that his location was inside the Ukrainian border. He has come under attack in his home country, where Russians have bombarded him on social media with messages criticising him for his actions. A picture on July 3, which appears to have been uploaded in Russia, claims to shows Sotkin working in what appears to be an armoured personnel carrier.  However, two days later, he posted another picture, which claims to be from inside the village of Krasnyi Derkul in Ukraine.  A following post on July 7 then appears to reveal he is back over the border in Russia.  Russia has not denied that Sotkin was across the border when he took the photographs.

Selfie game on a hundred thousand trillion from this Russian soldier.  Maybe the most unstoppable accomplishment/disaster in the history of selfies.  Giving up secret military positions because you’re so obsessed with pictures of yourself that you’d rather risk international chaos than not show your Instagram followers where you are.  Absolutely fantastic.  I can’t and won’t even pretend to know what’s going on with Russia/Ukraine/anywhere that’s not my living room but if a deadly conflict starts because of a a bunch of selfies, shut it down.  Shut the whole fucking thing down.  Time to hit restart on civilization.

How in the world do you explain this to Putin?  How?  He strikes me as a guy who thinks selfie is a kinky sex position or a shirtless dance ritual.  A guy who doesn’t know what technology is.  A meat and potatoes guy if there ever was one(and by that I mean a guy who eats raw meat with his hand and mixes in an occasional potato).  I pity the poor bastard who has to inform Putin that his secret military movements have been exposed by a soldier who is “selfie obsessed”.  That’ll go over real well.

PS- What’s with some of those glamour selfies by the way?  Is that a Russian soldier or every girl on Facebook who posts a picture every two minutes?  They always have captions like “I believe the strength within is the strength we show” or “Courage takes self and the hope you can to achieve” or some other platitudes that makes zero sense.