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Feminist Groups Are Pissed Because Maroon 5's New Video "Glorifies" Stalking


(Source)Does the new Maroon 5 video glorify stalking? The “Animals” video – which shows Adam Levine playing a butcher who becomes obsessed with a woman (portrayed by his real-life wife Behati Prinsloo), creepily following her around and sneaking into her bed, fantasizing about blood-soaked sex – has now been condemned by a leading sexual assault support group. The Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) slams “Animals” for turning stalking into something that seems romantic and entertaining.




I admit this video is weird. It’s creepy and odd. But I have two main gripes with RAINN. First of all, why say anything? It’s a music video. No one watches music videos anymore. Hell, MTV doesn’t even pretend to show them anymore. That’s how out of vogue videos are, MTV went like a decade pretending they still show them then decided no one even cared enough to keep the charade going.


Second of all, that video does not glorify stalking. I mean yes, the guy is stalking the fuck out of her. But that looked like it sucked. Working a shitty job, following some girl and hiding behind telephone poles, standing in the rain, developing photographs, showering in blood, all of it looks horrible. Nothing glorifying about it. In fact, I’d go so far as to say I’m even more anti-stalking right now than I was 5 minutes ago. Way too much work.