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Kim Kardashian Walking In Front Of The Paparazzi Then Realizing She Forgot Her Baby Is The Perfect Kim Kardashian Video



Some people may got on Kim for being a bad mom here but c’mon, who hasn’t been in this spot? You’re taking that last look in the mirror before you walk out the door and checking to see if your outfit is on point, making sure each rip in all of your clothes is just so, then when it passes the test you walk out. Sometimes you forget shit because you’re so captivated by how hot you look. Narcissus, ever heard of him? It’s easy to get lost in yourself when you’re killin it. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten to my car and had that “Oh shit” moment Kim has. Wallet, keys, cell phone, laptop bag, I’ve forgotten it all. Sure, none of those things physically passed through my vagina but whatever, I get it.




PS – Good grief.


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