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The Eagles, Who Have Absolute Dog Shit Receivers, Apparently Said That DeAndre Hopkins "Wasn't Worth It"

Goddammit, pee boy.  I really didn't need to hear this. I mean I get it and it totally makes sense. But I really, realllllly didn't need to hear that Houston talked to Howie about Nuk before bozo the clown Bill O'Brien sent him off to Arizona for a running back who is being held together by bubble gum and scotch tape, and a 2nd round pick. I was fine with the fact that the Eagles didn't land Hopkins but it's so much easier to get over that fact before hearing that Howie had the opportunity and said he's chill with Alshon, Agholor and all the other worthless bums on this receiving corp. The Eagles have much better trash to send to Houston for Hopkins and that's simply a fact. 

And again, I get it. Arizona has Kyler Murray on his rookie deal. Money ain't an issue for them right now. They can, as the kids these days say, back up the truck for Nuk's next contract. The Eagles don't have that luxury anymore with Carson's contract. Also, none of this even matters if the Eagles are able to trade up at the draft to take one of those receivers (please Henry Ruggs, please Henry Ruggs, please Henry Ruggs). No need to trade and pay for DeAndre Hopkins when you can just draft him on the cheap. So once again, I get it. Still doesn't change the fact that this is infuriating to hear when this is the shit we're dealing with in Philly. 

Hold up one second...

Thanks for that, Howie. Needed a quick puke sesh to get my summer body ready amidst this quarantine. For fuck's sake...

P.S. - None of this matters as long as they draft a receiver from Bama or CeeDee Lamb. Still fun to get angry about now though.