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Liberia Wants To Prosecute The Guy Who Brought Ebola To The US, So We Basically Don't Have To Worry About It Anymore






SOURCE — Liberian authorities say they plan to prosecute the man infected with Ebola who brought the disease to the United States, saying he lied on his airport health questionnaire. With an Ebola crisis raging in West Africa, passengers leaving Liberia are being screened for fever and are asked if they have had contact with anyone infected. On the questionnaire obtained by The Associated Press, Thomas Eric Duncan answered ‘no’ to those questions. Neighbors say Duncan had helped a sick pregnant woman who later died of the disease. Her illness at the time was believed to be pregnancy-related. Binyah Kesselly, chairman of the board of directors of the Liberia Airport Authority, told reporters Thursday that Duncan will be prosecuted when he returns to Liberia.


Deal! Get a plane ready because we’re shipping Tommy Dunks back to Liberia and they’re gonna prosecute the fuck outta him! Glad to see that we’re all home free now when it comes to this little Ebola fad; frankly, I thought it was played out like months ago and trying to hang on to the spotlight like this is actually pretty pathetic. Let’s just get it back out to Africa and be done with it: after all, everybody knows if you just get the infected person to leave the US then the disease totally disappears. It’s basically like he was never even here at all. Just in and out like a demon’s whisper.

And man do I appreciate how easy Liberia makes this little transaction. It’s a hell of a return policy that they’re is instituting over there: they send you a faulty Liberian, all you’ve gotta do is pack him back up, ship him back to Liberia, and boom, money back in your pocket no problem. They’re like the Amazon Prime of African countries that are exporting infectious diseases. It’s just good business by them: you keep the customers happy and they’ll keep on coming back (but probably not because when push comes to shove most people would prefer not to bleed to death out of their butthole).