When Attempting To Impress A Girl It's Best To Not Tumble Over A Fence And Eat A Mouth Full Of Cement


Classic risk/reward scenario.  If the guy doesn’t attempt to jump over the wall like a fucking badass then the girl thinks she’s dating just some regular guy who likes to uses gates and doorways like a pussy.  But if he takes the risk and successfully jumps over super tall (short) fence then she knows he’s a fucking badass and there’s no way they’re not having rough animal sex at the end of the night.  It’s science.  This guy who apparently likes to dress like Grimace took that risk.  Sure, he failed and ate a substantial amount of cement on the landing but I can almost guarantee the attempt was enough to put flood water in the chick’s basement.  She now knows she’s dating a dare devil and chicks love dare devils.  Hopefully he pretended he didn’t even notice the giant gash across his forehead because then you’re even more of a badass.  All in all, worth it.

h/t imgur