Canadian Man Told His Own Last Name Is Too Vulgar To Go On License Plate

On today’s Hard Factor News, the fight for freedom of speech took the stage in the Nova Scotia Supreme Court, when one man was denied his right to let the ladies know who’s behind the wheel.  When Canada began allowing free application for vanity plates, Lorne Grabher, being a man with deep family pride, didn’t think twice about what he wanted. 

‘GRABHER’ when scrawled across a license plate may be shocking to some in today’s social environment, but to Lorne Grabher (most likely pronounced Gray-ber), it’s just his last name.  

Grab her can have countless meanings, specifically in a chivalrous manner… “Hey! Grab her a cab” “Grab her a drink” “Grab her bag for her” and sometimes, not so chivalrous. 

The fight for freedom of speech is a long standing battle in the judicial system.  The Supreme Court of the United States has recently limited federal authority to ban vulgar and suggestive speech.  In a 2017 decision, the court overturned a rejected trademark application for Erik Brunetti’s clothing line, FUCT.  Though suggestive and “immoral” or “scandalous” as the government defines it, free speech cannot be limited just because it offends some.  

You would THINK, this would be the route our guy Lorne would have taken, but not quite.  You see, in addition to arguing free speech, Lorne, a man who takes deep pride in his heritage,  decided to take it a step further, saying that he grew up with a unique name and was taught to be proud of it; more importantly, he was proud of his German-Austiran roots and by rejecting his reapplication for the vanity plate, he was being discriminated against!  The government argued that was not the case, as they felt the plate insinuated sexual violence against women. 

Grabher unfortunately lost his battle in the Nova Scotia Supreme court in January, but has vowed to take it all the way to the mighty Supreme Court of Canada if he has to.

In such a confusing social climate, we need people like Lorne who are true to their roots, and we are certainly rooting for him. 

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