Golf Cart DUIs Are Without A Doubt The Best Kind Of DUIs (Best As In Worst)

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Press Citizen- A Waukon man faces his second drunken driving charge after police say he took a golf cart from a North Liberty bar. According to a criminal complaint from the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to a medical call at 1950 Scales Bend Road at 10:52 p.m. Wednesday. While officers were investigating, a witness reported that Mitch A. Iverson, 25, was driving a Bobber’s Bar and Grill golf cart without permission, the complaint said. Iverson had glassy eyes, thick speech, and was unsteady on his feet, according to police. He admitted to drinking and indicated impairment during a field sobriety test, but refused a breath test. Iverson is charged with second offense drunken driving, an aggravated misdemeanor. He has a previous drunken driving charge from 2011.

This is one of those times where you realize life isn’t a movie.  Like at all.  You realize the things you see on a big screen are much different than how they translate to real life situations.  For instance, in a movie, stealing a golf cart to get home because you’re hammered and you don’t want to walk or call a cab is a riot fest.  Everybody’s laughing, everybody tells their friend “I’ve thought about doing that before!” and then everybody goes home happy because the golf cart scene was hilarious.  Not so much when it happens in real life.  Instead of people thinking it’s a hilariously clever idea they just think you’re an asshole because you were too lazy to walk home from the bar and resorted to theft.  So you decided to steal the bar’s golf cart and get home that way.  Now people are shaking their heads at you and your parents are terrified of the question “How’s Mitch doing nowadays?” from their lunch friends because your story is in the newspaper and on blogs about how big of a dumb ass you are.  It just fucking sucks and is the opposite of a movie.  Mitch’s line of thinking was sound if you ask me.  He knew he shouldn’t drive his car (good), he didn’t feel like walking all the way home (understandable), saw the golf cart (interesting), stole it (way better than walking!) and got caught (sucks).