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Jon Lester Is Selling His Newton House So Things Aren't Looking Great For That "He'll Be In Boston Next Year" Prediction

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Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 11.51.30 AM






I hate what Pres has done to me with his over the top guarantees of Lester’s return this offseason. Because part of me was happy to hear this, as it all but guarantees Lester will not be returning next year. How twisted is that? I was willing to part ways with our homegrown ace as long as it meant my boss was wrong. I’m fucked up, I admit it. But you don’t understand the emotional torture we’re put through in this house of horrors. It’s impossible to deal with Pres when he’s right. If you put a gun to my head and Pres said “Don’t worry, he won’t pull the trigger” I would BEG you to do it just so I didn’t have to deal with “Told you! TOLD YOU! DID THE PRES DO IT AGAIN OR DID THE PRES DO IT AGAIN?!” for as long as I lived. So adios, Jonny… hola Big Game James and Cole Hamels and Giancarlo Stanton.



UNLESS this means that he’s already got a pending deal with the Sox and is just buying a bigger house because that is not the home of a 20 million dollar per year man? Could be, guys. Could be. In which case hola to all cuatro.