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Important: A List Of What Our Biggest Celebs Are Saying About Coronavirus And How They're Handling It

Some people might say, 

"Kate, leave pop culture stuff to Chicks In The Office. You're a bit older and wayyy out of touch on who's hot right now." 

But I say they're wrong. Would someone "out of touch with what's cool" be ripping cigs with a former Speaker of the House? I don't think so.

So here's a blog of the biggest celebs I could think of & how they're handling all this virus stuff so you can feel a little bit better… 

"Wow… Even the most famous people in the world are dealing with it?!! I guess a normie like me can deal with it, too!"

You're welcome.

Ron Jeremy, (the big penis guy) - Straight up camel-toe virus goofin':

Ricki Lake, BIG TIME former talk show host - Letting her dogs on the kitchen table (as a treat!) during social isolation:

Paul Macarelli, the "Can You Hear Me Now" cell phone guy - Not sure if this is an old family photo or what, but he's using it with a caption that lets us know he's hunkered down with supplies. More like 'Can you social distance now?' haha:

Jaleel White AKA Urkel - He's not wrong:

Brad Garrett, the super tall brother with a deep voice in Everybody Loves Raymond - Puzzled over what to do with all this down time:

Will Friedle AKA Eric Matthews, the fun, goofy brother of Cory in Boy Meets World - Laying low:

Ryan Lochte, Olympic swimmer (remember that Rio kidnapping goof?) - His latests posts are about swimming and not the virus but he married a Playboy model, Kayla Reid, & it looks like they're doing pretty well and I hadn't thought about him in a long time so I still tossed this in there:

AJ Mclean of the Backstreet Boys - BsB had to cancel a show in Brazil but AJ is doing ok and he loves us:

Erykah Badu - (Not her test by the way u mfs):

Patricia Marie AKA New Jersey's 'Tan Mom' - Still tan & she's become a hot commodity on the Howard Stern Show. In fact, she just released a new song this month. This has nothing to do with Coronavirus but I was stunned by this & needed to share:

Tori Spelling - Thankfully still finding time to read Eat, Pray, FML despite virtual schooling & social distancing:

SEAL of Kissed By A Rose fame - Putting out bops about how we're all going to be ok:

Danny Trejos - Making sure everyone knows his taco shops are still open: 

Wow… There you have it. If that list didn't put you at ease I'm not sure what will.