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Remember When Iowa Said They Were Going To Give Away Free Tuition To 5 Random Students Who Bought Football Season Tickets? Well Turns Out They Can't Because Its Illegal

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Press Citizen- The University of Iowa has suspended a promotion in which it promised to raffle off free tuition to five students who bought season tickets to Hawkeye football games. The decision, announced Wednesday evening, came after The Des Moines Register raised questions about the promotion’s legality. “I have suspended the promotion temporarily as we determine how to make sure that this promotion is in complete compliance,” Iowa Athletics Director Gary Barta said in a prepared statement. “In the end, our goal is to do everything possible to make sure that the student experience at Hawkeye football games is as fun and exciting as possible.” UI had said Tuesday that it would give away a year’s free tuition to five students picked from those who bought season tickets, which run up to $175 per year.The Register on Wednesday asked state gambling regulators about the contest; regulators said they had doubts about its legality. The university had said the top five prizes would each be worth about $8,000. Other prizes were to include $500 worth of textbooks and $1,000 Hy-Vee gift cards. David Werning, spokesman for the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals, said Wednesday that the promotion raised “a lot of issues.” Werning said the university has a license to hold gambling contests as a “social and charitable” organization. However, it must abide by laws regulating raffles, he said. For one thing, state law says charitable raffle tickets may only be bought with cash, Werning said. They may not be purchased with credit cards.

Whoops!  Sorry!  Those darn pesky laws.  Always taking the fun out of everything.  You can’t do this.  You can’t do that.  Red tape here.  Red tape there.  Fun haters, all of them.  It was embarrassing enough for Iowa to be forced to have a promotion like this but it looks even worse now that they can’t do it.  Hey you kids want free tuition?!  You do?!  Well then buy football season tickets and you have chance at it!  SIKE!  The worst.

My favorite part of this whole thing (and its a little sad at the same time) is that it seems like Gary Barta was so concerned about the lack of student ticket sales that he was sitting in his office brain storming ideas non-stop.  And then when he finally came up with this raffle idea he was so excited that instead of checking if it was legal or not he ran right to the press and announced it.  Even the Inspections and Appeals guy was like, “Dude, fucking check with me before you announce the idea.”