Brady Tributes are Coming in From Some Other Patriots #PrayForJules

It's like this. 13.8 billion years ago, the universe was formed, consisting mainly of hydrogen, some helium, and a small trace of lithium. Eons later, those elements formed themselves into stars, burned for billions of years before exhausting their fuel and collapsing. From them, the element carbon was made. Eventually some of that carbon formed Tom Brady. And he grew to wish me a happy birthday live on the radio and called me "Jer." Among doing some other things. 

The point is, this is a momentous day in the history of existence. And as with any devastating loss, different people will take it in different ways. And I don't believe there's a carbon-based life form among us who hasn't been thinking of Julian Edelman on this sad, fateful occasion. It seems like in every family, there are the stoic ones, the ones who struggle to keep it together and the one who is most affected by it. And we're all assuming that's Edelman. 

In fact, I'm guessing he's less like the one who gets hit the hardest. He's more like the faithful dog who'll keep searching the house for the lost loved one or waits by the door hoping they'll return. And when he's in deep REM sleep, he'll be twitching his legs and quietly woof, dreaming of chasing balls and catching Frisbees on a perfect day. If you don't feel bad for him, I feel bad for you because you lack even a drop of the milk of human kindness.

A few other notable Patriots have posted as well.

David Andrews, who missed out on that one final season of protecting Brady's fashion model-perfect front side is grateful for all the life lessons:

Co-captain Matthew Slater, who's been Brady's teammate longer than anyone but Stephen Gostkowski and is coming back because he has zero desire to play anywhere else offers encouraging words:

Linda Holliday is standing by her man in a way that makes you think it was an amicable divorce:

And that appears to be pretty much it for now. As far as I can find, we haven't heard from the rest of the O-line or the defense. But I'm sure they're broken up about it as well. Or maybe Edelman and I can cry enough buckets for everyone. I guess in the long run, the emotional appeal of his merchandise campaign couldn't outweigh all the badness.