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An Austrailian Pilot Warns People to 'Stay Home' During Coronavirus Ordeal By Writing Message Using His Flight Path


March 16 (UPI) -- An Austrian pilot used his flight path to send a safety message amid the coronovirus outbreak: "Stay home."

The pilot of the single-engine Diamond DA40 Diamond Star took off Monday morning from the Wiener Neustadt airport and landed 24 minutes later in Graz, south of Vienna.

The plane's fight path spelled out the words "stay home" in the air over the region.

Do you ever just see something and think to yourself

"certainly not. This has to be fake."

That is what happened to me when I saw this photo. Not that I thought this was some larger conspiracy or anything, I just thought it was a normal picture that someone drew some sort of message on. No. This guy just woke up one day and was like "I'm gonna write words with my plane". A rather absurd thought to be completely honest. Like just send out a tweet dude. It's the same thing.

That being said, I do appreciate what this pilot is doing here, sending a message. These are weird times and people don't really know how to react to it. So he might as well speak up and say something before we're on rona lockdown for years. The people who are buying plane tickets and doing non-essential traveling deserve everything they get. Especially the youth. As a 19-year old, I get it. People want to go out and about. I'd be lying to you if I said I wasn't trying to think of ways to get out of my house. 

I think the most impressive part of the whole thing is that this guy was able to write out 8 letters, piloting a flying tube, in 24 minutes. I can barely even bang out a blog with my fingers and a keyboard in that amount of time. But this hardo just fucking uses the sky as his canvas. Whilst I agree that the 't' and 'h' leave a little to be desired, he still did pretty well. Other than those two letters you could say this guy did a fine job. I was a little thrown off by the bubble 'e' but then again, who wasn't. It was a curveball no one saw coming and, quite frankly, it's a bit refreshing.  

It's good that he's spreading the word but did he really have to do us like that? The last thing I needed while my youth is wasting away in quarantine was this guy to show everyone up. Like, no one can top that dude. How am I supposed to go back to twitter for coronavirus updates when this guy is delivering updates via the air? Just won't be the same.

Hopefully, his message got across and people do stay home. The sooner this is all over, the better.