Iran "Briefly" Releases 85,000 Prisoners To Combat Coronavirus

I'm gonna keep it real, I'm new to blogging and don't know the proper way to insert this story. But if you want to read the whole thing here is the link.

OK, so what's happening is Iran is "temporarily" releasing an entire football stadium of bad guys into the real world. Now, as someone who was recently and wrongfully arrested, I understand that there is likely a percentage of these guys who are overall pretty cool and would be fun to hang out with. But for the sake of this blog, let's just imagine we have over 80,000 hardened criminals who have been in the slammer for months on end running amok in the streets of Isfahan.

Here's the bottom line: These dangerously horny men have just been given a 17-day opportunity to find consensual relationships with local singles (they have to check back into the big house on April 3). Now you might think that many of Iran's most eligible women are lining up for this unique opportunity to take a run at no-long term commitment relationship with certified bad boy, but...   

... it might not be as simple as it seems...

In this disconcerting era of the worldwide fight against an invisible enemy (covid-19), you have to imagine many of Iran's most fire ladies are nervous to meet up with with a recently jailed man. The reason the government gave them the hiatus in the first place is because how easily infectious disease spreads in jail. Not to mention, many of Iran hottest nightclubs and bars are likely slow right now due to social distancing. While it is true social dating apps are still a viable way to meet, you would be hard pressed to find an Iranian woman who wouldn't agree that the booming market for different dating apps—Tinder, Bumble, Hinge—makes it harder than ever to know which one sends the right message. You don't want to meet an inmate on Hinge and the guy think you'll be there for him after he's done his time, but you also don't want to meet on Tinder because you're not a slut. Bumble seems like the most reasonable choice, but you actually prefer the traditional approach of the man initiating the contact with the woman. Confusing!

Needless to say, the implications of releasing of these 85,000 men are more complicated than they might at first seem.