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Couldn't Be More Jealous Of These Kids As Their Dad Sits Them Down To Tell Them He's Won The Lottery


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So damn jealous of these kids. Imagine this when you were a kid? Whenever I sat down at the dinner table with my dad it was because I got in trouble or failed a math test. Sits you down and yells at you for 15 minutes for being an idiot and making him look bad (this is exactly how dinners still go when you’re a blogger). Not for these kids though. Nope, sit down at the table and next thing you know you’re getting shitfaced on champagne with dad as he hands out iPads and makes it rain on you like you’re dancing at the booty club. Of course, it’s going to suck in 3 years when dad realizes 2.7 million dollars isn’t nearly enough to live off forever when you quit your job and give your 13 year old sons huge amounts of money and gifts, but for these 3 minutes I bet it was pretty damn sweet. Poverty and not enough money to go to college can be a problem you deal with in the future, right now it’s time to slug some Cristal then bust those iPads out and get your Angry Birds on.