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Spooky Ghost Just Turned Up the Heat By A Hundred Trillion Million By Threatening Emma Watson






Shit just got serious!   Spooky Ghost is calling out celebrities now.   Its like hostage negotiations expect he’s not demanding money or ransom.   Like I thought I was over the Fappening once he hacked Candice.    I couldn’t even think of who would draw me back into his lair.  Then he drops the Emma Watson bomb.  It’s like Spooky Ghost has real estate in my brain.    He’s honestly 5 steps ahead of everything I’m thinking. I mean I didn’t even know I needed to see Emma Watson nudes till 5 minutes ago, but I totally do.  Is it possible Spooky Ghost is my subconscious.  Worse yet am I Spooky Ghost?  I swear I’ve been a noodle ever since the Fappening started.   Maybe I’m blacking out at night, throwing a sheet on myself, going deep internet and just hacking shit?   Everything is on the table.  Spooky Ghost so hot right now.  Spooky Ghost.